Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Personal Multies

Unsorted Seaham Sea Glass Multies

Personal Multies

I had so much fun today sorting through my personal collection of English Multicolor Sea Glass.

These pieces are works of art in themselves and I often can get distracted for hours just looking at them and holding them up to the light.

Seaham Multi sea glass is a result of colored glass accidentally getting combined in coloring crucible at an art glass factory. They were then discarded into the local rivers and sea. now they wash up on shorelines surrounding this tiny hamlet in England.

How did they come about?

Well in glass making, raw molten glass is combined with various minerals to achieve different colors. For Instance Cobalt glass uses Oxide Blue-Violet, Chromic Oxide for Emerald Green glass, Gold Chloride for Red. (for more info on glass colors, see A coloring crucible or large vat is used to combine the flowing glass with the coloring agent. It gets built up on the sides, cools and then the crucible is cleaned an "waste" discarded. In this case, into the North Sea.

There are other types of "Art Sea Glass" both from this location and from 2 or 3 others around the world making it precious and rare. The other types of mixed color sea glass from Seaham include Pontil Pieces and flash glass (used in windows in England).

We are proud to be the first artist in American to acquire and work with these unaltered natural sea glass gems and maintain the largest collection outside of the UK. If you would like to see some of our jewelry made from these lovelies, check out our website for English Sea Glass Jewelry.

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