Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sea Glass Lovers Of The World Website

On November 20th 2009 ......We launched a new site dedicated SOLEY to sea glass lovers and collecting. Though my commercial website has been a long standing favorite for sea glass lovers to find out information about these lovely gems, Sea Glass Lovers takes it to the next level!

Find more photos like this on seaglasslovers

This is a MEMBERS ONLY site and we have near 8300 members in over 45 countries that share the passion of seaglass.

We do not allow commerical posts or jewelry photos just sharing the love of finding and discovering ,,,,,we have many groups including Sea Glass Locations, Sea Glass Ideas, Photography, Beach Environments and a WHOLE LOT MORE...

Hundreds of sea glass discussions and forums we cover a wide range of subjects.
I would like to invite you to join today at Sea Glass Lovers on the Ning network. Please visit, I think you will be most pleased you did!

Thanks and Enjoy
Linda Jereb
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