Monday, September 1, 2008

Take a tour in our studio

A pictorial tour of our private sea glass jewelry studio.

Many people wonder how we can make such great matches in our sea glass earrings and sea glass jewelry pieces. Take a secret peek into our private studio to see just how we match up glass and select pieces to make into sea glass jewelry.

Pictured Left - our collection of rare English Sea Glass and Pictured Right Below- A pair or Rare Aqua Sea Glass Earrings in our signature Wire Bezel Setting TM. A rare match in top quality sea glass!

Pictured Left Below- A pair or rare Lime Green Sea Glass Earrings set in our signature Original Wire Bezel TM setting.

Pictured Right - our sea glass green earring pieces. It can take hundreds of pieces to come up with what we feel is a good match

Once we sort through HUNDREDS of pieces to find matches, we place the sets in various jewelry mounting boxes for future use in our work. Below is a photo or our main work bench that includes our website jewelry ( on second shelf to far left) our wholesale jewelry (top shelf) and our earring matches in cases (middle second shelf and bottom right photo - detail of some cases).

The hardest part of matching earrings is the endless pursuit of the perfect match. Since we have hoarded sea glass for over 15 years now,and continue to add to this resource, we are able to make some of the finest sea glass earring matches available.

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