Monday, January 28, 2008

Genuine Sea Glass TM

Genuine Sea Glass TM is a term that I starting using in 1990 when By The Sea Jewelry first went online. It has become the standard term to indicate that sea glass is natural found glass just the way it was picked up from the beach. Other terms include, natural sea glass, real sea glass, found sea glass, pure sea glass, true sea glass, unaltered sea glass, well,,,,,,,you get the idea.

Pictured - A rare piece of English Sea Glass that was once a pontil rod. Pontil Rods are glass rods used to turn glass in a kiln. They are usually discarded, in this case, into the sea. This piece is quite rare as most pontil rods are less expensive colors of glass(like white).

By The Sea Jewelry prides itself on offering some of the finest sea glass from around the world!

Genuine Sea Glass TM (or whatever term you use) means the glass in your jewelry is unaltered from the way it was found on the beach (uncut or tumbled by any artificial means). Real natural sea glass comes from old bottles, jars and other glass items that have been discarded in the ocean and tumbled naturally by waves and sand over many years. It can take many decades for sea glass to be formed.

By The Sea Jewelry is proud to offer some of the rarest sea glass pieces available for public sale.

Genuine Sea Glass TM (natural sea glass) has many characteristics man made glass cannot duplicate. Visit us at By The Sea Jewelry to learn about the qualities of these natural sea gems.

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